CIMUSET Conference 2024

2-4 September 2024

Within the Digital.
Opportunities and Challenges in Science Museums.

Marie Gilbertová - CIMUSET Chair

Marie Gilbertová


Dear Colleagues, and Friends.

On behalf of the ICOM CIMUSET committee, which is the ICOM (International Council of Museums) committee for science and technology museums and collections, I would like to invite you to attend the 51st Annual Conference of CIMUSET.

We are a committee that creates a program of activities related to the preservation of cultural heritage within science and technology and the dissemination of knowledge within this field. The committee provides a forum for communication, cooperation, and information exchange between museums, professional workers, and others concerned with the preservation of the cultural heritage within science and technology.

This year we are meeting in the Vienna Technical Museum, and for this edition, we have chosen the topic „Within the Digital. Opportunities and Challenges in Science Museums“. I believe that again this year we will meet in large numbers with colleagues from all over the world from various types of institutions, and we will be able to share our work experiences within the digital world in the museums.

Dear Guests and Colleagues,

I’m Peter Aufreiter, General Director of the Technisches Museum in Vienna, Austria’s largest technology museum. Our mission is to promote understanding of technological developments and their social impact.

We aim to inspire visitors to shape the future of technology and offer a space where science, education, business, and society converge. Our museum hosts diverse exhibitions across 22,000 m² of space, featuring modern media like large-screen projections, 3D animations, and interactive film stations.

We’re proud to host CIMUSET’s annual conference, themed “Within the Digital: Opportunities and Challenges in Science Museums.” We’ll discuss the evolving role of museums in the digital age and how they can become more accessible and inclusive.

The conference includes lectures, panels, and workshops focused on digital management, collection, conservation, and more. Participants can exchange best practices and explore key issues shaping museums.

I warmly invite you to our CIMUSET conference from September 2 to 4 and to visit the Ars Electronica Festival in Linz, an international media art festival exploring the digital revolution.

Peter Aufreiter

General Director of the TMW